What is Ovarian Rejuvenation?

Older Woman PregnantOvarian rejuvenation is a newly pioneered procedure intended to revitalize egg production and development within the ovary. Though many different processes are currently being tested, each procedure seeks to generate increased fertility within women who otherwise cannot conceive easily.

Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy

Modified Ovarian Rejuvenation – While more than a few different procedures exist, New Hope Fertility has pioneered a minimally invasive process designed to puncture the ovary itself to relieve pressure placed on the follicle from the ovarian wall, which becomes rigid with age. It’s known that this pressure can prevent normal egg development, so the punctures help alleviate that stress. This transvaginal approach of puncturing the ovary is referred to as “ovarian aspiration.”

PRP Injections – Platelet Rich Plasma Injections is another technique where blood is taken and centrifuged so the platelet-rich plasma is accessible and then reinjected back into the ovary in order to activate dormant follicles. This is done in the hospital under sedation. It is a surgical procedure performed through the belly button.

Another technique is to inject Stem Cells directly into the ovarian artery. Similar to the PRP Injections, it is an in-patient procedure. Blood is taken and centrifuged in order to make the platelet-rich plasma accessible (stem cells) and it is injected into the ovarian artery.

If you schedule a consultation with New Hope and see Dr. Zaher Merhi, we can probably accommodate all these procedures, but the doctor will recommend what is best.

There is a range of reasons why a woman would require ovarian rejuvenation. Older women going through menopause, younger women experiencing early ovarian failure, and those suffering from fertility related disease, can make excellent candidates. Ideally, Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy should be used to achieve pregnancy after menopause, or as a premature ovarian failure treatment. In either case, the hormones that are needed for egg development are not working properly, or not being produced at all. Through this rejuvenating process, women may not have to ask if they can get pregnant during menopause.


  • Women in their advanced maternal years – late 30s and over 40
  • Menopausal women
  • Peri-menopausal women
  • Women who have a low egg reserve and low Anti Mullerian (AMH) hormone levels
  • Women suffering from Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)
  • Women suffering from primary ovarian failure
  • Women with unexplained infertility
  • Women having multiple failed IVF treatments due to poor embryo quality

Dr. Zaher Merhi explains Ovarian Rejuvenation options

Rejuvenation Effects

Aside from improved egg quality and production cycles, women should also expect increased levels of sex drive, lessened menopausal symptoms, and regular period cycles lasting anywhere from 5 to 7 months following treatment. Patients are monitored regularly for a month following the procedure, with blood and saliva samples that test for levels of certain pregnancy-related hormones, including AntiMullerian Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone(FSH), Luteinizing Hormone(LH), and Estradiol.


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